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Bang, Bang, You’re Dead
A young man lies in a jail cell for having committed unspeakable… read more »

Take Down, Break Down
Ryan is a top student, wrestling champion and team captain. When… read more »

In this dream play, Dillon meets his idol, world famous guitarist… read more »

Winner by Submission
Three boys, a date rape drug, and a girl. Derek trains to be an ultimate… read more »

Sometimes theatre can change a life…

…in ways that classrooms, books, and professional help cannot. Sometimes the experience of a play drops into your life like a stone thrown into a pond. The ripples travel inwardly resonating in your mind. The ripples also travel outwardly as you bring the experience of the play to your family, friends, and communities.

We are about making ripples across the world.
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ICARUSPLAYS is an exclusive club for drama teachers

We celebrate the drama teacher in several ways. Only drama teachers may partake of our site’s benefits. Membership is free.
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